The REAL Superfood – Science Catches Up to Forgotten Ancient Wisdom

Most “Superfoods” are little more than hype. But there’s one family of incredibly healthy, metabolism-boosting foods that really are super. This food can help you burn fat faster and stay healthy for life. Even though many ancient cultures have been eating these foods since pre-historic times, modern science is just now … Learn More

What’s Killing Your Testosterone – And The Easiest Tip You’ll Ever Get to Boost T

Credit: Jupiter_Images

Many aspects of everyday modern life lower your testosterone levels, and scientific research is uncovering these insidious dangers to your masculinity. Things you eat, drink, and even just touch are destroying your T. We learned yesterday that your T is probably low, and discussed all the ways it might be … Learn More

More Reason Not to Believe Common “Facts” About Fitness – Even From Your Doctor

Mountains of anecdotal and experimental evidence indicate that “conventional wisdom” about health and nutrition is incorrect in many cases. A new study examines the hugely flawed research that much of this “conventional wisdom” draws conclusions from. It’s one of the biggest questions men ask when they finally figure out how … Learn More