New Study Reveals Interesting Female Skill – Skinny Fat Radar

Women are incredibly skilled at assessing fitness of potential mates. We learned before that they can literally smell your testosterone level, and today we’ll learn how they can make a really good guess at how you look naked – they can tell if you’re skinny fat by your face.

But we’ll get to that. Let’s start at the beginning.

I overheard a conversation yesterday that really bothered me. Two young men were talking:

Man A: “I’ve been hitting the gym so hard the past few weeks, and I’m already getting so much stronger.”

Man B: “Dude you’re an idiot. It’s October, what are you going to the gym now for? No beach or pool parties for at least six months.”


Face Palm Statue Face Palms

I have no problem with men working out or eating right “just” to look good. Sure it’s a little vain, but who am I to judge people’s goals?

I do have a problem with people who reduce the benefits of exercise or diet to aesthetics.

As we’ll learn below – in addition to tons of other benefits – exercise makes you attractive to women in more ways than you think.

These two guys were “skinny fat”. They have high body fat, but little muscle, so they fit into reasonable size clothing. This comes from sugary drinks (think mocha-frappa-whippa-soy-latte), low-protein diets, and no real exercise (maybe they run on the treadmill). This isn’t just physically unappealing, it’s quite unhealthy.


Women can tell whether you’re “skinny fat”, even when you’re wearing clothes.

Studies have shown that women can very accurately assess a man’s fitness with just a picture of his face. So unless you plan on wearing a ski mask all winter, it still pays aesthetically to be fit.

If someone cuts junk food or lifts weights solely in pursuit of a beach-body, they’re also getting healthier in the process, reducing the burden they place on the healthcare system. Healthier people are also more fun to be around, so they’re directly improving the lives of those around them.

And since you’re more fun to be around (and have higher testosterone), you’re more likely to end up in a position to be naked around someone else, where all that hard work will shine even brighter.

Skinny Fat and Womens Ability to Predict What You Look Like Naked

Her special skill appears to be some type of mouth-powered levitation.

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