Testosterone Matters – Yours is Probably Low – And Women Can Tell

Low testosterone is thought of as an old man’s problem, affecting little more than erectile dysfunction. In actuality, testosterone is declining in men of all ages, and it affects much more than sex drive – it compromises your immune system, prevents fat loss, muscle gain, and more.


Testosterone Molecule

No doubt you’ve heard of testosterone – the androgenic hormone that makes men masculine. Testosterone is one of the largest physiological differences between men and women; we produce, on average, 20 times more of the stuff than women do. Low testosterone literally makes you less of a man.

Testosterone, henceforth referred to as T, has been declining in men recently. In fact, T levels have declined 20% in same age men over the last 20 years. The researchers note:

‘The interesting thing we discovered was that, on average, when we measured the testosterone in the blood of a 60-year-old in 1989 it was higher than that in a different 60-year-old measured in 1995,’ said Thomas Travison, PhD, of the New England Research Institutes, Watertown, Mass. ‘We observed the same phenomenon over a wide range of ages.’Although testosterone loss is common as men age, it is often associated with diabetes, abdominal obesity, sexual dysfunction, depression and other adverse conditions.”

This is on top of the fact that T levels shouldn’t even decline in men as they age. Testosterone has been low in 60 year olds for so long that most doctors don’t see it a a red flag – the problem is so widespread that it has become “normal”. The same thing is happening now in even younger men.

Let’s take a look at the incredibly long list of dangers of low testosterone:

Even without further discussion, that whole list reads like an article about things women find unattractive. [mantra-pullquote align=”right” textalign=”left” width=”45%”]Women like men who act like men, and if you have low T, you probably act less like a man.[/mantra-pullquote] Beyond that, women can actually smell low testosterone. When given a choice between two similar partners with different T levels, women tend to choose the potential partner with higher T. Once you’re in bed, women have more and faster orgasms with more masculine/dominant partnersthe kind of man you’ll be with higher testosterone.


“Oh Joey, you smell so good!”
“Yea babe that’s my T”

Low T is a growing problem, but fortunately you can act to ensure that you won’t be a victim. Today we have outlined why you need to care about your Testosterone levels. Here we cover why T levels have been declining. Finally, the MasculON Fitness Course explains in detail how to naturally increase your Testosterone to superhuman levels.

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