Four Simple Hacks to Boost Testosterone

If you’ve followed along thus far, you see there are plenty of ways the modern world is conspiring to lower your testosterone, and plenty of reasons you should want to increase your levels of this valuable hormone. The next question is obvious; how do we boost testosterone? 

Boost Testosterone Simple Hacks

Cornrows are correlated with high testosterone. Just kidding, but maybe.

The first and most important step is applying all the principles in the bookgetting your lifestyle cleaned up, your diet and exercise in order. Beyond that, there are a few tips and tricks (or hacks, even) to boost testosterone to optimal levels.

Hack#1 – Make the Most of Your Sleep

You produce the majority of your testosterone between 12am-2am. To use this to the fullest, you’ll want to be asleep for those hours. You’ll also want to make sure that you have enough of everything your body needs to produce testosterone:

  • Take 450mg (3 tablets) of Magnesium Malate and 30mg of Zinc Oxide 30-60 minutes before bed.
  • Take CLO/Butter Blend 30-60 minutes before bed.
  • Bump up available cholesterol by consuming 2 raw egg yolks right before you go to sleep.

Hack#2 – Cold Exposure

Cold exposure elevates cortisol in the short-term and testosterone in the long-term. That’s the anecdotal side anyway – this has not been conclusively proven. Cold exposure does have a long list of other proven benefits, including a strengthened immune system. You want to avoid cold showers right before bed. Any other time, spend 20 minutes in a freezing cold shower, ice bath, or even just an unheated swimming pool.

Hack#3 – Delayed PWO Meal

Testosterone and HgH are elevated immediately after a hard workout. Once you eat, the accompanying insulin spike blunts these hormones. To get the biggest hormonal benefit from your exercise, wait 60-90 minutes to eat after a workout. Then, EAT A LOT, especially if you want to gain muscle.

You can also enjoy experimental benefits of properly performed intermittent fasting.

Hack#4 – Smart Training

I mentioned above that exercise is a key component in increasing testosterone, but it bears repeating. Heavy weight-lifting boosts testosterone (especially neurologically demanding movements like the deadlift and squat), as does HIIT. This is why the book and the Six Week Guide to Six-Pack Abs include both strength training and HIIT, designed in a way to keep you safe and increase your performance.

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