Build Muscle Fast – The Best Mass Gaining Protocol

Now you can spend less time and in the gym and still build muscle faster than you ever have before.

The Easy Way to Build Muscle Fast

Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT) is arguably the best strength training protocol for beginner or intermediate lifters. It’s the best way to gain strength and build muscle fast.

How to Build Muscle Fast with RPT:

  1. Determine ideal number of reps per set for exercise (for deadlift, this is three, and we’ll use that in this example).
  2. Determine ideal number of sets (three is a good sweet spot for most movements).
  3. After a warmup, perform number of reps in first set determined in Step 1, at the heaviest weight that allows you to complete those reps (in our deadlift example, this would be three reps of your three rep max weight, or 3RM)
  4. Rest for a few minutes, until you feel fully recovered.
  5. For the second set, drop the weight 10% and add a rep (in our deadlift example, your second set would be four reps at 90% of your 3RM).
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 for subsequent sets.

In short, the first set is ideal number of reps at ideal weight; subsequent sets are increased reps at decreased weight.

I recommend the following training protocol to build muscle fast for beginner or intermediate weight lifters:

  • Two workouts, alternated, every other day.
  • Workout 1:
    • Deadlifts (3, 4, 5 reps)
    • Bench (5, 6, 7 reps)
    • Alternate those two to completion, then move to support lifts:
      • Bent Row (8, 9, 10 reps)
      • Military Press (8, 9, 10 reps)
  • Workout 2:
    • Back Squats (5, 6, 7 reps)
    • Weighted Chins (5, 6, 7 reps)
    • Alternate those two to completion, then move to support lifts:
      • Weighted Dips (8, 9, 10 reps)
      • Flys (8, 9, 10 reps)
      • Upright Row (8, 9, 10 reps)

So your training schedule would look like:

  • Workout 1 on Tuesday
  • Workout 2 on Thursday
  • Workout 1 on Saturday
  • Workout 2 on Tuesday
  • Workout 1 on Thursday
  • Workout 2 on Saturday
  • Repeat

Following this protocol will go a long way toward building muscle fast, even for hardgainers or ectomorphs – BUT you need to make sure you…

Don’t Let Your Workout Go to Waste

Getting your training program structured right is critical. Of course, it’s also crucial to make sure you’re eating the right post workout mealotherwise your hard work could be going to waste.

It also helps a lot to avoid common muscle gaining mistakes, to get your testosterone in order, and learn how to eat right and live an optimal lifestyle.


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