Holiday Recovery Guide – Plus Holiday Recovery Workout

Ok, so you binged like crazy over the holiday. Don’t panic, we can fix this. We can reverse that holiday weight gain get you back on track for six-pack abs. We’ll even throw in a holiday recovery workout.

We covered how to handle the day itself in our Holiday Weight Gain Survival Guide.

Holiday Recovery Guide and Workout

Holiday Recovery Starts Here

In your mind. The biggest hurdle I’ve encountered when dealing with clients back from holiday feasting is psychological. They’ve switched their brains to relax-and-party mode, and they’re having a hard time getting back to eat-healthy-and-train-hard mode.

The easiest way to prevent this? Make specific plans ahead of time to get back to work. For Thanksgiving, think “On Friday, I’m back to eating real food and going to the gym.”

Be Clear With Yourself

Before the holiday, plan exactly how long you will go “off the wagon”, and stick to your plan. For me, I eat whatever I want on Thanksgiving and the day after – and that’s it. For Christmas I typically do a five day block. Whatever your time period, it’s important that you choose one. That way, you won’t have your unhealthy eating habits bleeding into your holiday recovery period.

Tear Off the Band-Aid

Your first day back should include a really demanding workout. I like this one, stolen from the six-week guide:

Holiday Recovery Workout - Beat Holiday Weight Gain

This will kick-start change in a positive direction, and the flood of endorphins will encourage you to continue down the healthy path.

Get Some Sleep

Holidays often mean visiting with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. And that often means staying up late. Get your sleep back on track as fast as you can. This will decrease your craving for Fake Food, and increase your immune system strength.

Wrapping Up

Holiday recovery is easy and effective when done right. Getting back to proper nutrition, fitness, and sleep can save you from the post-holiday crash that many people experience.

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