New Year’s Resolution Success Guide – 3 Steps to Following Through

Guarantee New Year’s resolution success with the right mental approach.  New Year’s resolution statistics indicate that only 8% of Americans follow through on their resolutions. I’m here to make sure that you aren’t one of those people.

New Year's Resolution Success Guide

The statistics are dismal, but with a few quick tips, you can be successful. It’s not all about strengthening your resolve – the biggest improvement is made by shifting your focus. Here’s how you’ll be do it right this year.

1. Set Your Goals Wisely

Most people trip up right out of the gate, and understandably so, because goal-setting is a fickle game. Luckily, a few pointers can get you off and running in the right direction.

  • Be open and honest with yourself about what your goals actually are. Striving for six-pack abs may not seem virtuous or valiant, but the heart wants what it wants.
  • Be specific and quantify success when possible. Increasing how much weight you can lift is a very good type of goal, but it’s important to be specific. Bad goal: “I will squat heavy.” Good goal: “I will squat 400lbs by July 1st.” This helps you formulate a useful plan and let’s you know when you’re done (so you can celebrate!).
  • Pick reasonable goals and/or be open to the fact that it may take longer than you thought to achieve what you’d like to. Many people give up because they don’t see their results fast enough. Preparing yourself for the possibility that it may take a while can proven this.
  • Write them down – on paper. Put them where you will see them often. Tell everyone you know what your goals are, so you’ll feel accountable to them. Hell, put your goals on Facebook so random half-friends will inquire whether you were successful next year at a party.

2. Set a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Just about any plan will work (at least for a while for most people). “Mine is best though, of course.” -Everyone

  • Be reasonable and honest with yourself about how much time/energy you will actually to commit to this. The critical error many resolvers make here is borne out of exuberance and excitement. This is where “I will lose 10lbs of fat by April” turns into “I will hit the treadmill for two hours every night!”. I realize you are raring to go, but don’t make plans you will not be able to stick with all the way through to your goal.
  • Again, be specific with your plans. This will make it very clear to you whether you are following your plan. Failure will not be so easily hand-waved away when your plan is crystal clear, black and white. Plans like “I will not drink any soda” and “I will lift weights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings at 5pm” are good examples. Something like “I will drink less soda” or “I will work out three times per week” are not good.
  • Make a good plan. This part requires the most work, but fortunately, is probably the least important for beginners. Obviously, I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about optimal diet and exercise, and have constructed a fantastic course that guarantees success. I’ll also list some basic recommendations for common goals at the end of this post. This course is the best option if you’re a man with fitness goals, but most beginners can make progress on any half-decent plan so long as they stick with it. So don’t get all “paralysis by analysis” at this stage.

3. Actually Do It.

This one seems obvious (and it is). So there is no excuse for #$%*ing it up at this point. None.

Common Goal Types and What to Do

1. If Your New Year’s Resolution is Fat Loss

Nutrition is your best friend. I offer awesome recipes in the Six-Week Guide to Six-Pack Abs, but you can start with our Pillar Articles on Hyperpalatability, Healthy Fats, and Real Food.

2. If Your New Year’s Resolution is Muscle Gain

Lift HEAVY stuff and EAT A LOT. You’ll get the best results eating real food, but you can gain muscle eating just about anything. Go high-protein (1g/day/lb of body weight) and eat most of your calories post-workout to maximize returns. Read here for an awesome starter planIf you’re a beginner you can get away with just about any silly crap for a while, but more advanced lifters will need to plan smarter.

3. If Your New Year’s Resolution is Improved Health

Again, I recommend the MasculON Fitness Course. It has everything you need for losing fat, gaining muscle, and improving health – all wrapped up in one awesome package. It also makes a fantastic present for any men in your life.

Motivation for New Year’s Resolution Success

It’s said that if you’re not improving, you may as well be dead. Obviously, here at MasculON, we’re all about self-improvement. By making a New Year’s Resolution, even a small one, and following through, you’re improving. You’re also proving to yourself that you can do it.

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