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The 8 Fundamental Female Attraction Triggers – Forget Everything You Thought You Knew

We know that male attraction is straightforward – we love us some sexy looking ladies. That one thing is pretty easy to figure out. So are each of these 8 Fundamental Female Attraction Triggers. This is going to be the most important post you ever read, or your money back … Learn More

5 Reasons You’re Not Successful With Women – And What to Do

Women, amiright?! Men have complained for centuries that the “fairer” sex is impossible to figure out. I’ll bet you probably don’t understand everything about female attraction or desire either. I’m going to let you in on a secret: women like it that way. As a group, they enjoy the mystique, … Learn More

Build Muscle Fast – The Best Mass Gaining Protocol

Now you can spend less time and in the gym and still build muscle faster than you ever have before. Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT) is arguably the best strength training protocol for beginner or intermediate lifters. It’s the best way to gain strength and build muscle fast. How to Build … Learn More

Are Your Workouts Hurting Your Health? The Single Worst Way to Exercise

This is the most common way men exercise – and it’s also absolutely terrible for your fitness goals. Even worse – it increases your chance of death. I’m talking about “Cardio” – and it doesn’t just make you uglier. Cardio Causes Heart Disease. The brilliant Kurt Harris of PaNu has … Learn More

Diet Soda Actually Makes You Fatter than Regular Soda

More and more people are switching to diet soda every day – in an attempt to lose weight. The problem: diet soda doesn’t actually help you lose weight. In fact, it makes you gain even more fat. Learn why, and what to do. Consumption of diet soda increased almost 25% … Learn More

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