Don’t Miss Out on These Great Supplements for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

Ideally, a Man would get everything he needs from real food – but the world is far from an ideal place. The supplements outlined here can help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your sex life.

great supplements for burning fat and building muscle

Much like me and my first “girlfriend,” these people only look like they’re together.

Here’s what I take, and why.

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Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend (Good for: Everyone)

This one goes first on the list, because it provides quite a few benefits, is really just food, and should be consumed by every man and his mother (seriously). The included Vitamin-A (retinol) is the biggest benefit, as outlined by Chris Kresser:

Vitamin A is important catalyst for a variety of biochemical processes in the body. It’s required for assimilation of protein, minerals and water-soluble vitamins, and it also acts as antioxidant > protecting body against free-radical damage and diseases like cancer.

It also packs in some Vitamin-D (especially useful as it prevents Vitamin-A toxicity), beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), and Vitamin-K2, K2 is extremely important, as described at the link above:

Vitamin K2 may be the most important vitamin most people have never heard of. It’s needed to activate proteins and it also regulates calcium metabolism (keeping it in the bones and teeth where it belongs, and out of the soft tissue where it doesn’t belong). Elevated blood calcium significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), which explains why vitamin K2 has been shown to prevent atherosclerosis and heart attacks. It also strengthens bones.

Depending where you live (shipping charges), it may be less expensive direct from the manufacturer. I take 1/2 tsp of it once a day, either with dinner or before bed.


Magnesium Malate (Good for: Everyone)

Almost all of us are deficient, it’s hard to get from food, and it’s required for tons of enzymatic processes all over our bodies. I’ve experimented with a few different forms, and found the best response with Malate (it gives me crazy dreams, a good sign). Another chelated form, Glycinate, may work better for some. I would avoid Mg Oxide, as it’s generally poorly absorbed.

Perhaps most importantly for men, when taken before bed in combination with Zinc, it improves sleep quality and elevates testosterone levels.

I take 425mg of Mg Malate with 35mg of Zinc Oxide
about half an hour before bed every night.


Vitamin D (Good for: Everyone, but check your levels)

For VitD, it’s best to get your levels checked and supplement accordingly. Also, sunlight is far superior to pills.

Maintaining proper blood levels (35-50 ng/mL) is critical to proper immune system function, bone density maintenance, testosterone production, and perhaps even depression.

I have a hard time getting enough sun when I’m working full-time, so I supplement with 5000 IU about three times per week unless I get some serious sun. It may be best to take the pill in the morning or early afternoon.

Anectdotally, I have had success with megadoses (25+k IU) of VitD when I feel a cold coming on, as have others.


Emergen-C (Good for: Athletes)

As a hard-charging athlete, you burn more than “calories” during workout and recovery; you also use up lots of micronutrients. Emergen-C is a rather cheap, palatable catch-all to replace them.

I put a packet of the Orange Emergen-C in my post-workout shake with vanilla whey, and it tastes like a creamsicle.


Creatine Monohydrate (Good for: Muscle/Strength Gain)

Not to toot my own man horn, but I did a solid write-up on Creatine a while back. Go read it, then buy some cheap-as-dirt creatine monohydrate.

I take 8g/day (roughly bodyweight in lbs divided by 22). I take it right after training or right before bed on rest days. I have to warn you, it makes you a little thirsty.


BCAAs (Good for: Muscle/Strength Gain)

BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) were hugely beneficial to me when I was gaining mass, perhaps especially because I was training fasted. Training fasted (which MasculON will cover in depth) is mildly catabolic, but produces a large compensatory anabolic swing post-workout. It appears that supplementing with BCAAs pre-workout can mitigate the catabolism without blunting the anabolic swing – a neat little trick.

I put enough powder for 10g of BCAAs (four scoops of the linked product) in a large water bottle, then drink half of it before my workout and half during. I use the fruit punch flavor, which may have the same benefits as the taste of Gatorade.


Whey Protein (Good for: Muscle/Strength Gain)

Some people have a problem with this stuff, but I’m a fan. It is best consumed as a post-workout supplement, not a meal-replacement (eat real food for your meals). In fact, eat real food right after your post-workout shake too.


Beta Alanine (Good for: Athletes)

BA increases muscle carnosine concentration, which acts as a buffer, reducing the acidity at your muscles. This delays fatigue and improves recovery time between sets. As such, it is most useful for athletes who train at high intensity, like crossfitters.

I take two capsules of the above about 20 min before a workout. Be warned: it makes you tingle a little bit (I like it).




Supplements Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

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