What’s Killing Your Testosterone – And The Easiest Tip You’ll Ever Get to Boost T

Many aspects of everyday modern life lower your testosterone levels, and scientific research is uncovering these insidious dangers to your masculinity. Things you eat, drink, and even just touch are destroying your T.

We learned yesterday that your T is probably low, and discussed all the ways it might be hurting you. If you haven’t read that yet, read it now.

Here’s a rundown of some significant factors that are killing testosterone.

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That man clearly has optimal testosterone levels.
“Wait, there’s a man in this picture?”

Not Having Enough Sex (or Even Thinking About It Enough)

Not only does regular sex with a real-life partner increase your testosterone (porn actually has the opposite effect), but even looking at attractive women and thinking about sex has been shown to increase testosterone – in one study by a much as 36%!

Being Overweight

Low T makes you more likely to be obese, and obesity lowers your T. Talk about a vicious cycle. Actually, since all that extra body fat is so thick and slimy, we could call it a “viscous cycle.” Fortunately, dumb jokes do not lower your T.


Yet somehow he still got a watch that’s too loose for his elephant wrists.

Not Getting Enough Sun

You’re probably reading this article on a computer in a cubicle in an office in a building. Your body was built to spend a lot more time out in the sun, where it manufactures Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is likely lowering your T.

Eating Too Much Sugary Crap

It’s no secret that sugary crap makes you fat, and as we discussed above, carrying extra body fat lowers your T. It turns out that foods that spike your blood sugar cause a drop in testosterone all on their own. So skip the soda, pasta, and bread and eat some real food instead. Sounds like a line in a very healthy song.


The aliens built those pyramids! No human could do that.
Seriously though this stuff is terrible for you.

Eating a Low-Fat Diet

When you eat low-fat, you’re also eating low-cholesterol. Testosterone is created in the body from cholesterol. Our bodies need cholesterol to produce it. So quite literally, not getting enough cholesterol makes you less of a man.

Cholesterol is also needed to synthesize Vitamin D (there it is again), which plays a role in nearly every biological process in the body. Low Vitamin D levels are correlated with weak immune systems, poor stress response, low testosterone, heart disease, obesity, and depression. Without adequate cholesterol, you can’t synthesize enough Vitamin D. So without enough cholesterol, not only are you less of a man, but you’re more likely to become sick, fat, and sad.


My sources tell me that this is Tofu. I didn’t know because I’ve never seen a wild Tofu roaming the plains.

Eating Soy

Even if you’re not eating soy intentionally, if you eat processed food products with much of an ingredients list at all, there’s probably soy in them. Soy is bad for your health in myriad ways, not the least of which is that it decreases testosterone and increases estrogen. So not only does soy make you less of a man, it makes you more of a woman! Just look at the picture above. In what world is that considered food?


Bisphenol-A is found in plastic bottles and the linings of cans for canned foods, sauces, and soups. Drinking water from disposable bottles and eating canned tomato sauce might not seem like it can cause much damage, but it adds up – in one study, 89% of men visiting fertility clinics had BPA in their urine. And that BPA does decrease both testosterone and androstendione, which is a precursor for testosterone.


He’s reading this article. So Meta.

Laptop Computers and Cell Phones

Using WiFi on a laptop while it’s in your lap really radiates your genitals something fierce. Though the practice hasn’t been conclusively linked to testosterone decline, it’s a good bet that anything that destroys sperm so violently that it’s called “fragmenting” is probably a bad idea either way. So is carrying your cell phone in a front pocket.

Not Having Enough Sex (or Even Thinking About It Enough)

I know, I know, I already covered it up there. This one is just too much fun to go over only once. Do your health a favor – go look at some beautiful women – easiest tip ever right? As we learned yesterday, the testosterone boost you get in the process will make you more attractive to them as well.


This is what life looks like with optimal T levels. She’s exhausted from sex, I assume.


So now we’ve covered that your T is probably low, why it matters, and some of the ways it got low. It takes a hell of a lot more than a blog post to understand all the ins-and-outs of how to raise your T back up to an ideal level – in fact, it takes a few chapters of a book. Just such a book is in The MasculON Fitness Course.


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