This Hangover Cure Lets You Party Hard and Still Feel Great

Drinking too much is never a good thing – but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the next day. This incredibly simple hangover cure makes an awful morning after a thing of the past.

Hangover Cure

This Simple Hangover Cure is the best thing your mornings have ever discovered.


Disclaimer – I’m not saying you should go drink your face off. Drinking too much causes long-term health problems, and can lead to alcohol poisoning. Obviously, alcohol also increases the chances of bad decisions. I don’t want you to drink more, I just want you to feel better when you do drink.

Hangovers suck, no doubt about it. You’ve probably heard a few different explanations for the pain, but here’s the truth. Hangovers are the result of the following:

  • Straight-Up Dehydration
  • Toxic Acetaldehide Accumulation
  • Congeners Build Up

For a great hangover cure, we just need to address those points.


You probably know exactly how this works. Alcohol is a diuretic – it forces you to urinate more. Just drinking a lot of water during the party doesn’t really help this, because the alcohol makes sure you don’t store it. We’ll address this by helping your body beat the booze to store away more water.

Your body can only store water by binding it to electrolytes. This is why Gatorade hydrates better than water. Our hangover cure will get you more electrolytes with salty food, Gatorade, and Emergen-C.


This is a byproduct of your liver’s process to break down alcohol, and it is also toxic. Of course, your body has ways of dealing with this too. Your body will release glutathione to clean up the mess. Unfortunately, if you’re drinking a lot (and quickly), you’ll run low on glutathione eventually. We’ll tackle this by getting you more glutathione.

Most of your glutathione is made in your body from the amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. We can get you all three with dietary protein, but since cysteine is typically first to run out, we’ll top it off with some eggs.


These are byproducts of fermentation. This is why whiskey and red wine cause worse hangovers than vodka. If you’re going to be drinking a lot – go with clear liquors.

So we’ve established why hangovers suck – here’s our action plan so far:

  1. Increase Water Storage
  2. Get More Glutathione
  3. Choose Clear Liquor

You’ll have to handle the third one on your own, but I’ll tackle the first two for you.

This easy hangover cure is a three-step process. It works best if you do all three, but if it’s too late now, just jump in where you can.

Before You Drink

  1. Eat salty scrambled eggs (make it a big meal).
  2. Drink a gatorade or water with a packet of Emergen-C.
  3. Drink a shake with some Whey Protein.

Before You Go to Sleep

  1. Drink a smoothie with the following:
    1. Whey Protein
    2. Emergen-C
    3. 2 Bananas
    4. 2 Raw Egg Yolks (You won’t even taste them, I promise)
  2. Wash it down with some water.

The Next Morning

Drink the same smoothie. Also have some coffee. Enjoy feeling great!

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