Announcing MasculON Hockey Training – Improve Your Skating, Shooting, and Puck Protection

This series will change your game forever. I’m proud to announce our fantastic new hockey training course. I’ll outline everything you need to do off the ice for faster skating, harder shots, and improved puck protection on the ice.

Hockey Training Series MasculON

You can make huge improvements to your performance on the rink by being smart about what you do away from the rink. As a player myself, I can tell you this stuff works wonders.

If you’re a hockey player too, you know that how you perform in the game is just about all that matters. Fighting for playing time or a roster spot? Coach only cares about results. Just playing rec league hockey? You only get an hour or two per week, better make it count or you’re wasting your time and money.

Since you have such a limited time to shine, it makes sense to do everything you can during the rest of the week to make that ice time as awesome as possible.

Nutrition and sleep are very important and worth optimizing. First, I’ll cover the single biggest way to improve your game – effective hockey fitness training.

The Three Components of Effective Off-Ice Hockey Fitness Training

  • Strength Training
  • Explosiveness Training
  • Metabolic Conditioning

More strength means more force into your skates when accelerating, stopping or turning. For shots, it means more bend in your stick and faster pucks to the net.

More explosiveness means you can use that strength effectively for faster, harder strides and shots.

Effective metabolic conditioning means you can last for longer shifts, recover faster between shifts, and take more shifts in a game (or night if you play two games). It means you get to play harder without feeling like you’re dying. It also means you’ll be better at pushing to your absolute max when it matters – like when chasing down a loose puck for a breakaway chance.

Hockey Training Means More Goals

Simple Off-Ice Changes Mean More On-Ice Success.

Why This is Totally Free

I’m a hockey player myself, and I’m super passionate about improving the state of hockey everywhere. A free course means more players will read it – and that means better hockey for everyone.

Get the Free Hockey Fitness Training Manual Now

I’ve put together a fantastic Hockey Fitness Training Manual, and I want you to have it. I’ve done some testing on college players so far, and the results have been awesome – especially when delivered as a 10-Day Email Course. You can learn more here.

Here’s How to Improve Your Game

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  3. Make the suggested simple changes to your off-ice training.
  4. Start scoring more goals and winning more games.

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About Kit Perkins

Kit Perkins is the Health and Fitness expert for MasculON. He’s spent years researching, practicing, training, and exploring diet and exercise for optimal health. He’s the founder of engrevo and GetManFit, and has ghostwritten for popular blogs in the sphere. He’s creative and well read, a forward thinker developing innovative ideas with an efficiency bent rarely seen in the fitness industry.
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