Take Care of Yourself – It Affects Your Future Kids

Today is one of those you always looked forward to in school; no lecture, just a fun video to watch:

Most of us know that we have DNA, and that we get half our DNA from each parent (and they got half of theirs from their parents, who got half of theirs… you get the picture).

And that DNA works sort of like directions for our cells, guiding us to be the people we’re supposed to be.

This stuff works in your body in a very complex way.

This stuff works in your body in a very complex way.

Well, it turns out there’s another wrinkle to that story. Lifestyle and behavior can modify how that DNA is expressed, switching our genes on and off in a way. If our DNA is a library of instructions, epigenetics is all about how/why some instructions make it into the final document and some don’t.

Where this gets really incredible is that these “epigenetic tags” can get passed on to future generations. If a man eats microwave pizza for every meal in college, it can make his daughter (born 10+ years later) more likely to become diabetic.

So eat/live well, because your choices affect the future.

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